WeightDoc is an online weight loss program by senior medical experts personally coaching your overweight
child to a more healthy weight.

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Stay at home, all time

The program is done 100% online and is very easy to follow. Every day, your child's weight will be transmitted automatically from a Wi-Fi scale, keeping on track without hassle.

Daily Support by Doctors

We, the team of doctors, will communicate with your child on a daily basis. Each one of us has more than 25 years of experience working at the Medical University of Graz, Austria.

Up to 2kg per Week

The program aims to reduce the child’s weight by 1-2kg per week. Based on long-term results, 80% of our patients will keep their desired weight for good.

Get to know Marcus - 20 kilos lighter!

Marcus Albright from Seattle (US) lost 22 kg with WeightDoc in just over 6 months. Marcus had tried several diet camps before, always putting the weight back on again once he came home. With WeightDoc, he has kept his weight ever since.

Marcus Albright, 13 years old, lost 22 kilograms in 6 months

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